Online Divorce and Why it is a Bad Idea

online divorce and why is it a bad idea

When a couple decides to divorce, especially when it’s a mutual decision, and it is likely amicable, an online divorce may sound like a good idea. Although it may seem more budget-friendly, simple, and faster, there are some considerations you should know about before you decide to use an online service for your divorce.

Understanding the risks of an online divorce and the costly mistakes that can occur without the legal expertise of a qualified divorce attorney is essential before beginning the online divorce process. This article will discuss some of the risks you take using an online service for your divorce.

Risks of an Online Divorce

Online divorce is a good idea. They are advertised as cheap, fast, and accessible. But that isn’t the case for all divorces. If you’re thinking about getting an online divorce, keep reading to learn about some reasons why an online divorce is a bad idea.

1. You May Run Into Complications

While uncontested divorces may seem simple, even simple divorces can run into issues. When couples begin to think of divorce, there are some things they don’t even consider, such as:

  • Shared debts and assets
  • Child custody and visitation that meet the child’s best interest
  • Child support and alimony

While online divorce sites provide forms related to these things, they do not alert you to potential problems in your case or provide legal advice on making these decisions if you or your spouse cannot agree on them. By selecting a qualified divorce attorney to represent you for your divorce, you can ensure any issues are handled fairly and correctly.

2. Online Divorces are Legally Binding

When you sign divorce papers, they are legally binding documents. While some issues, such as child custody or child support, can be modified in the future, things such as the division of assets and debts cannot be modified.

When using an online divorce service, you risk making decisions you regret later. Making these decisions without the legal advice of someone experienced in divorce cases means you may end up signing papers that could hurt you financially or cause problems that will be more costly to fix.

3. Laws Vary in States and Counties

Divorce requirements vary not only from state to state but from county to county as well. Online divorce services provide paperwork that covers the most general laws, but they need to provide the exact details required by your county or state.

Please take the time to research these details to avoid your case being dismissed because of mistakes. This alone makes it a good reason to hire an experienced divorce attorney to help ensure you meet the proper requirements of the county and state where your divorce is taking place.

4. Limited Understanding of Legal Terms and Procedures

Legal terminology and procedures can be confusing if you don’t have a legal background. Online divorce services may offer explanations, but they could be limited and leave you having to navigate the complexities independently.

Misunderstanding legal terms or filling out forms incorrectly can lead to delays, additional costs, or even a negative outcome in your divorce case. Having an experienced divorce attorney by your side ensures all forms are completed correctly and submitted, preventing costly mistakes.

5. No Support for Potential Emotional and Financial Complications

Divorce is more than just a legal process. It’s an emotional and financial upheaval. Online divorce services focus only on the legal aspect of the divorce and fail to provide the emotional and financial support you may need during this time.

A divorce attorney can provide that support. They can also recommend resources such as counseling and financial planning to help you manage the stress of the divorce and help you rebuild your life post-divorce.

6. Privacy Concerns

Online platforms require you to upload sensitive personal information, raising concerns about data privacy and security. There is always a risk of data breaches or misuse of your information. Engaging a lawyer ensures that your private details are handled with the utmost confidentiality and that you follow strict ethical standards.

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Divorce can be complicated, and if you try to do it alone, there are risks involved that you could avoid simply by enlisting the services of an experienced divorce attorney. While the process may be more costly and take more time, you can have peace of mind knowing that they are correctly navigating the divorce process and can avoid expensive mistakes.

At Azemika & Azemika, we understand that divorce can be emotional and challenging. That’s why we ensure our attorneys and staff are sensitive to our client’s needs. Our partners have over 64 years of experience handling family law cases and aim to provide aggressive, knowledgeable, affordable representation.

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