Top 3 Mistakes People Make During Divorce

Divorce is a life changing decision that must be handled with utmost care. Even under the best of circumstances, divorce can take a heavy emotional toll on both parties involved. Thinking about or going through a divorce? Here are the top three mistakes people make during divorce.1. Letting anger get the best of you in divorce, emotions may run high and an argument with your ex seems inevitable. However, behaving out of anger will not end well for your case. Saying something during divorce proceedings that normally would have been said during marriage can take a different connotation, and can be perceived as threatening. This may lead to your ex getting a restraining order and having you removed from the household. When children are involved, this can negatively affect them. Children may feel bad when one parent badmouths another, and began to believe it is their fault. It is important to never use children as pawns in your divorce, or you can further fragment your family. Children need to know that divorce is not their fault, and they have two parents who love them.2. Being passive Allowing guilt or fear to dictate your actions during a divorce may prevent you from seeking what is fair and right. There is life after divorce, and it is important that you make sure you are able to live within your means after the dust settles. Some people mistakenly believe that allowing their ex to kick them out of the house, or voluntarily moving out, alleviates them of responsibility of supporting that household. Between paying rent on a different place and supporting the previous household financially, the costs can build up quickly. Understand that you have to make a living after divorce, and your children have the right to live a decent life. Being passive during a divorce may cause further setbacks, draining you both emotionally and financially.3. Not getting the right legal representation Not all divorces are created equal; there is no one advice that fits all divorces. Taking advice from family or friends who have “been there, done that” is not recommended. While their advice may be useful, they are not licensed professionals. Finding the right legal attorney means looking for someone who can maintain balance between you and your ex, while also doing what’s best for your family. It’s important to choose someone who is well versed in family law, and will pay attention to the details of your case. Family law is changing all the time, and it’s best to stick with those who know how best to meet your needs. Take no substitutes for your family law legal lawyers! Acting on bad legal advice may have heavier penalties than if you had taken no action at all. At Azemika & Azemika Law, we exclusively practice family law. With the dedicated professionals at Azemika & Azemika, we give you fast, sympathetic, and effective solutions that you deserve. By creating a support plan, you will receive legal advice specifically crafted for your situation. We will fight for you and your family. If you need help in navigating your divorce proceedings, please contact us.

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