Why Hiring A Divorce Attorney Is So Important

It’s a challenging and difficult task to make any large decision that changes your life, especially when it comes to ending a marriage with someone you grew in a different direction from. You’re faced with plenty of new challenges, from dealing with child support, alimony, to division of property and assets, and navigating this alone can be difficult and confusing. An experienced California divorce attorney can be your guide through your marriage dissolution process, providing financial security for the future and ensuring that your rights are protected.

Reasons to Hire a Divorce Attorney

Going through a divorce is stressful enough socially and emotionally, but financially and legally there’s things you might not be aware of. There are a few reasons hiring a divorce attorney may be helpful in navigating through your divorce:

An experienced divorce attorney understands the law

There are a lot of small details that are easily overlooked by someone who is not familiar with the complex laws that are in place. A divorce attorney will offer legal expertise, and have experience working with other cases. There is language used within court orders that have specific meanings, and having someone who is familiar with terms used in court allows them to apply their knowledge to your situation specifically. When your children are involved, you’re faced with the intricacies of child custody and support. Having an attorney help you go through arrangements that might work better for your family is extremely helpful, and makes sure your custody arrangement doesn’t skip any important details.

Your attorney will also know exactly how to navigate through all the seemingly endless paperwork, eliminating unneccesary stress and potential errors. From knowing what to sign, when it’s due, where to send it all, an attorney can direct you thoroughly and keep up with you throughout your case, ensuring success in your divorce terms.

Having someone on your side

Some individuals are understandably emotional through the process of the divorce, so having a third-party can be helpful when making important decisions handling your assets. As you adjust to new everyday changes, as well as dealing with friends, work, or family through this process, it’s not uncommon to feel alone during this time. A divorce lawyer can offer unbiased insight, give you the support you need, and help you through making decisions for the future of your life, as well as your children’s.

Having someone who can handle the arguments for your case also is helpful, as they’ll be able to share your complaints, thoughts, and confirm your beliefs. In case you have to appear in court, your attorney also will be helpful in coaching your responses.

Someone to communicate with your spouse

Whether or not your separation is amicable, it still can be daunting and emotional to go through the details of your divorce with them. By hiring an attorney, you’re able to use them as a third-party mediator, and communicate with less conflict throughout the case. 

Leveling the playing field

When your spouse has a divorce attorney, they can take advantage of your lack of knowledge and experience. Without the legal counsel from your own attorney, you may agree to something that you didn’t know about, or feel pressured to agree to things you don’t want. With a divorce lawyer of your own, you’re able to navigate through your case with more confidence and expertise, and someone to speak on your behalf. Having someone who ensures that your voice is heard, and dedicated to protecting your rights, can avoid aggressive moves towards your marital assets or relationship with your children.

Takes the wheel when going through records

If there is any concern about your divorce, having someone who can effectively collect all the necessary information for you to present in court can be better for your mental health, and your case. Considering that they’ll be discussing your issues in court, letting them have control of looking through records and resources only will help strengthen your position in trial.

Managing asset allocation can be a struggle to do on your own, and a divorce attorney will be able to give you different options when choosing the best way to divide your assets and debts. For instance, if you or your partner do not have the funds to buy out the house you own together, you might come to the decision to sell the house and divide the money made from the sale, rather than one partner staying in the house. Other than your assets being divided, your debt also can be consolidated differently. If your spouse has accumulated a lot of debt during your marriage, it’s possible for you to not have to take on all that debt personally.

Finding A Divorce Attorney in California

To save you precious time and move on with your life post-divorce, we at Azemika Law are here to help you. We efficiently handle family law cases involving divorce, dissolutions of partnerships, division of property, child custody, and more. Serving all of Kern County for 28 years, we give attentive support with the best interest for you and your family. 

If you need someone to fight for you, and protect you through your divorce or domestic dissolution process, contact us at Azemika & Azemika Law.

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