Psychologist Disciplined for Action Against Mother

A California Court of Appeals has affirmed a Trial Court that denied a writ petition of a psychologist who was disciplined by the Board of Psychology for unprofessional conduct and dishonesty involving his conduct as a special master in a contested custody action and his testimony in a Florida custody action. In the case of Rand v. Board of Psychology, Mother and Father were unable to resolve their ongoing conflict regarding visitation. Therefore, they agreed to the appointment of a psychologist as a special master to help resolve their conflict. Their agreement stated that in consideration of the psychologists expertise . . . as a court-appointed expert and licensed mental health professional, the appointed special master would make decisions regarding the dates, times, and logistics of visitation, schedule holiday and vacation visitation, determine degree of participation by relatives, manage health care considerations, and set up communication between the kids and the other parent during non-custodial times. The agreement prohibited the special master from making orders affecting Trial Courts jurisdiction regarding custody and visitation and from altering and/or awarding legal or physical custody.

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