Thinking Of Delaying Your Divorce? Think Again!

delaying your divorce

Divorce is a life-changing event that is undoubtedly a hard, painful, and possibly traumatic end to a relationship that has lasted through a significant period of your life. Because of this, it is understandable many attempt to delay the inevitable as long as they can. Despite the divorce being put into action, the process can be dragged on for months, even years. 

It’s very common for those dealing with their old relationship’s issues to try and move on to rediscover themselves and make new plans for their life as a single person. Unfortunately, this may cause more trouble in the long run. It may be a way to delay the finality of the relationship. Still, it can affect many other parts of life, like finances, mental health, and other relationships.

Why You Should Push Forward With Your Divorce

As your divorce takes shape, it’s essential to move forward rather than have life stuck in one place. By not taking control over finalizing your divorce, it makes it increasingly difficult to heal and move to a more positive future. Regardless of your feelings about the situation, it would help if you acted quickly to avoid any proceedings snowballing into legal battles or complex arguments. 

We’ve gathered some important reasons to help you understand the effects of prolonging a divorce proceeding. This includes why, despite the difficult emotions, it can be healthier for your personal and professional life to end it promptly.

More Money Spent Over Time

Assets you earn after your divorce is filed are no longer considered marital property. With this said, without filing right away after deciding that divorce is the route you want to take, your spouse’s portion of your pension will continue growing as long as you are still married. This includes savings accounts, investments, work bonuses, or new properties that will be considered marital property.

Feelings Can Change

A once amicable split can quickly end in a hostile, messy divorce. Going through a permanent split can be an emotional time for both spouses, but despite the initial shock and sadness, many spouses can reach common ground after making the decision. It’s best to finalize a divorce when both spouses are amicable to one another, leaving less time for anger and other stages of grief to take hold. Over time, as a divorce drags out, the more likely it is for each spouse to look for ways to get even or possibly one-up the other. This tends to lead to exhausting arguments and bitter discontentment for both parties.

New Complications

It’s not unusual for people to seek out love and companionship, even while going through a divorce. Any relationship after a divorce can complicate proceedings and negatively affect how your spouse views you, your previous relationship, and what they are entitled to. Usually, for the best outcome in a divorce, the only people involved are the two getting divorced and their attorneys. It usually becomes more complicated when another family member or a new partner gets involved, leading to prolonged proceedings and unnecessary arguments over minor details.

Pour Into Your Personal and Professional Life

Even those in unhealthy marriages can have a hard time during divorce. The difficulties can vary from person to person, but issues can manifest differently in your personal and professional life. You can bring those hard emotions into your place of work, around family members or close friends, and it can be all-around challenging to manage in everyday life. Having a divorce hanging over your head can be exhausting, so it is best to finalize it as soon as you can.

Wearing Down

Most clients start their proceedings with a clear stance on what they want, with the drive to get it. Standing your ground is an important thing to do in your divorce, but as time goes on with the back-and-forth process, your strength and determination may start to waver. When divorce fatigue and exhaustion happen, you’re more likely to accept terms you may not have agreed to initially. 

Gain Closure

Getting closure is an integral part of divorce. Every family member may feel the weight of your divorce, and while it may be sad to have the divorce be final, it can also become a transitional moment for new beginnings with you and your children. You can finally start a new life with new routines and a fresh start. 

Family Law Attorney In Kern County

You should only delay your divorce if you and your spouse think there is any possibility for reconciliation and a healthy, happy future together. This can take a lot of effort with therapy, individual growth, and mutual agreement to strengthen your relationship. It is a big decision, just as much as divorce.

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