Are You Ready to Adopt? 10 Important Questions to Ask Yourself Before Adopting a Child

Adopting a child to create or add to your family is an amazing decision. Something that couples often fail to realize is that there are many different ways that adoption differs from having a biological child. There are important questions you should consider before contacting an adoption agency.

Adoption can be a complex process that continues even after you bring your child home. And there are some unique challenges that adoptive families face. This article will discuss ten essential questions you should ask yourself before adopting a child.

1. Why Are You Choosing Adoption?

This is the most critical question you should consider before moving any further. Is adoption your last choice? Are you more concerned with being a parent or having a child with your DNA? Will you be able to love and connect with a child who isn’t biologically yours?

This is especially important if you are considering adoption after infertility. If you’re considering adoption because you are unable to conceive, make sure you’ve taken the time to grieve that loss before deciding to adopt. “Settling” on adoption as a way to become a parent can negatively impact the adopted child in the future.

2. Can You Provide the Support the Child Needs?

While you may genuinely want to adopt, you need to consider whether or not you can provide for the child, which goes beyond providing for them financially. You will need to be able to take care of them physically and emotionally. Have a serious, honest discussion to determine if you can support this child throughout their life.

3. Are You Willing to Handle the Bumps in the Road You May Face?

Sometimes, adoptions can go smoothly, with no issues. Other times, it can be emotional and time-consuming. Some families wait years for the child they’ve been waiting for. And even when you find that ideal match, it can be expensive and complicated if you’re not fully committed to the process.

4. Can Anything Prohibit You From Adopting?

Some organizations have restrictions on who can adopt. Adoptive parents are required to pass a background check and be healthy. Sometimes, an agency can require specific age gaps between the child and the adoptive family. Requirements differ by agency, so contact several organizations before deciding.

5. Is Anything Holding You Back From Sharing Your Adoption Plans?

Having support through the adoption process is essential. Will your friends and family support the adoption? Will they be supportive of the child once they are part of the family? What about your friends? Will they support you through this process?

6. How Old Would You Like the Child to Be?

Sometimes adoptive parents have a particular age child they would like to adopt, while others don’t. Think about how important the age of the child is. Do you want a baby you can raise? Or would you be willing to adopt a toddler, an older child, or even an adult?

7. Would You Consider Adopting a Child of a Different Ethnicity or Race?

It’s important to consider how important it is that your child looks like you. How would it make you feel for strangers to stare or to constantly be asked if you adopted your child? Is adopting a child from another country an option?

8. Will You Be Comfortable Telling Your Child the Story of Their Adoption?

It can be challenging to explain adoption to a child, especially if you adopt a small child. You should take into consideration how you would not only present the fact that the child was adopted but answer questions about their birth parents. And if you choose to adopt outside of your race, would you be comfortable discussing race with them?

9. Do You Want to Stay In Contact With the Biological Parents?

There are different types of adoption in California. You can choose from an open, closed, or semi-open adoption.

Consider if you want to know things like the medical history and background of the biological parents. Are you interested in communicating throughout the pregnancy or being there when the child is born? Do you want a relationship or contact with the biological parents after the adoption is final?

10. Have You Considered Everyone Who Will Be Part of the Child’s Life?

From friends and family to coworkers and family pets, adoption touches a lot of people in your life. Make sure that everyone is committed to the adoption like you are. This is also important if you already have children. Take the time to discuss the topic of adoption and how they feel about having an adopted sibling.

Turn to Azemika & Azemika, Experienced Kern County Adoption Attorneys 

Adoption changes lives not just for the child but for the adoptive family as well. It’s essential to look at the different aspects of adoption before you commit. If you can answer these questions and decide that adoption is the right choice for your family, there’s no better time than now to begin your adoption journey.

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