How to Know When Your Marriage Might Be Over

Separation or divorce can be a tough decision when you’ve been working to keep your marriage together but think it can’t be repaired. But if you and your partner haven’t been happy for some time, or you just aren’t sure if you are ready to take that final step to divorce, it’s time to look at your situation and determine if your marriage can be saved.

While some relationships can be salvaged, there are times when both partners should go their separate ways. But how do you know when it may be the end? This article will discuss ten signs that you should consider divorce to move on to the next chapter of your life.

1. You Don’t Argue

Does this one confuse you? Believe it or not, arguing is good for a relationship. In healthy relationships, arguments are productive and can be resolved to benefit the marriage. However, when you lose the will to fight for your marriage, it’s likely time to consider moving on. 

2. You HAVE to Win

When you do argue, how do you argue? It should be in a way that works to improve the relationship. However, when one or both partners are more concerned about placing the blame and has to win the argument, the focus shifts to power, which isn’t good for a marriage.

3. You Find That You’re Provoking Your Partner

Have you noticed that you’ve been pushing your spouse lately? This can happen when you subconsciously want to end the marriage but are afraid to make the decision yourself. When you do things purposely, hoping that your spouse will initiate the conversation about your unhappiness, it’s essential to notice that this is a red flag.

4. You Feel Stressed When You See or Think About Your Partner

When you first fall in love, your partner can make your heart beat faster just by seeing them. But what happens when that faster heartbeat is due to the stress you immediately feel when you think of or see your partner? This can be your body’s way of saying it’s time to make a move.

5. You Can’t Be Yourself Around Them Anymore

Your spouse should be someone with whom you can be your authentic self. When you have to start hiding parts of yourself, or you have to watch what you say around them, that shows a lack of respect, which can be challenging to overcome.

6. The Thought of Leaving Scares You But is Exciting at the Same Time

Do you find yourself daydreaming of your life if you weren’t with your spouse anymore? The freedom you would have, the passion you could pursue, the adventures you could experience. Anything new is scary, but if you can imagine your life without your partner and would choose to leave over staying, this can be a huge indicator that it’s time to go.

7. Your Relationship is No Longer a Priority

Outside influences like kids, family, friends, or work can positively impact a marriage. And there will always be times when something comes up that will require your complete attention. But when these things take over your time and leave no room for your partner and for you to focus on your relationship, your marriage may be over.

8. You are No Longer Each Other’s Go-To Person

Your spouse should be the first person you want to talk to when something good happens or you’re having a bad day. When either of you choose to stop sharing these important moments, the connection begins to be lost. This disconnection can lead to loneliness, which can ultimately lead to divorce.

9. You’ve Already Planned Your Exit

Have you already set up a separate bank account, or are you searching for a new, better-paying job to gain more financial independence? These are signs that you already know your marriage isn’t working anymore.

10. You Can’t Stop Wondering if You Should Leave

If you’re finding that you’re confused about whether to stay or go, that can be a sign to move on. While it may feel like confusion, it’s likely that you know what you should do, but you are afraid to take the leap.

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Just like no two marriages are alike, the signs that a relationship also differs. So, if you notice any of these signs in your marriage, or if you’ve made attempts to fix things, and nothing seems to work, it may be time to face the truth and consider divorce. Making this decision can be challenging, but having an experienced, qualified divorce attorney is essential once you decide your marriage is over.

At Azemika & Azemika, we know that couples don’t decide to end their marriage lightly. It is a very emotional decision, and you need a team of lawyers on your side with compassion who will fight for you and your loved ones during this difficult time.

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